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Stunning NRI girl, Priya, has always been a good daughter and wife, but deep down she has a wild side that she has been longing to explore. When her husband is away on a business trip, she decides to indulge in her secret desires and gets naughty with her piercing. As she teases and pleases herself, she can't help but think about her conservative Indian family and how they would react if they knew about her hidden desires. But the thought only turns her on even more. She imagines herself as the seductive Sunny Leone, known for her sexy pictures and bold performances. Priya's mind is consumed with thoughts of anal sex, something she has never tried before. With her husband's absence, she takes the opportunity to experiment and discovers a whole new level of pleasure. As she moans in ecstasy, she realizes that sometimes breaking the rules can lead to the most intense and satisfying experiences. And she can't wait to share her newfound passion with her husband when he returns.
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